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How to deliver travel risk management

Posted on July 29, 2015 by Sean Sweet

Travellers overwhelmingly want to be kept informed about the travel risks they may face when travelling abroad.

Meanwhile employers are coming under increasing pressure to support their staff when on business and have duty-of-care responsibilities that have board-level consequences when missed.

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How can suppliers help your TMC win more client travel business?

Posted on July 28, 2015 by Mike Atherton

By creating and nurturing the right supplier relationships.

Your TMC can provide a supplier with a great route to market for their products and services but not every supplier relationship will help you win new business.

Where your clients already have suppliers in place, you'll need to form an effective working relationship too. But when the decision is yours choosing the right supplier partnerships is key to further business development. But will the right suppliers want to work with your agency?

Not unless you develop effective relationships.

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Topics: Merchandising, Communication Strategy

Why you need to manage travel risk for the business traveller

Posted on July 28, 2015 by Mike Atherton


If you manage travel arrangements for corporate business travellers then, with the right tools, you're well placed to manage their travel risk too.

Why is this good for your TMC? Because it enables you to add value beyond the booking.

Most corporate clients are concerned by the risks associated with having staff travelling on business. Risk managers have a completely different take on the cost of managing this risk and this can change the landscape when your TMC is negotiating terms with a potential (or existing) client.

Get the risk manager involved and the conversation will not be dominated by percentage savings but by the obvious benefits of having a live risk view of every traveller, in any country, at any time with the means to automate communication should things go wrong.

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Topics: Duty of Care, Risk Management

5 Preconditions to Investing in Itinerary Management Systems

Posted on July 13, 2015 by Darren Marsden

An Itinerary Management System will augment the capabilities of your GDS by improving the quality and frequency of communications to the end-user. This enhances overall usability by ensuring that multiple business travel itineraries are seamlessly updated across all platforms, both on- and offline.

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5 top tips on managing disruption "when things go bad"

Posted on July 13, 2015 by Mike Atherton

Unplanned disruption can cause havoc within any organisation. One major point of stress is communicating to those affected with the right information at the right time. If done right it can positively improve the client experience, if not then it can quickly escalate into an even more serious situation. In the travel industry there are lots of services that can automate the sending of a flight delay or cancelation message out to travellers, some of them even allow the agency to define the rules on when to send.

However, when things go bad and the TMC needs to step in and communicate to affected travellers it can be a real headache finding out who's where, who needs to know and how to get in touch with them.

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Topics: Duty of Care, Risk Management, Traveller Tracking, Communication Strategy

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